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In the River Arrow Local Nature Reserve (LNR) you will enjoy a wonderful variety of habitats and native wildlife.  


We invite you to step into the tranquil fields and meadows of this secret oasis and cast your mind back to the middle ages. Imagine you are a novice monk going about his daily business on the site of Alcester’s prestigious but long gone Norman abbey with its countless buildings including cloister, chapter house, infirmary and dormitories.


The reserve is way-marked and used with the self--guided trail map in the centre fold of the reserve guide (available at the reserve entrance or from the warden), it will show you where to look for wildlife and find points of interest. There are also information panels with further details.


The River Arrow Local Nature Reserve was designated in 1993. It comprises 3.0 hectares of land adjoining the River Arrow.  Although the site is small it contains a wide diversity of habitats including, riverbank, pond, grassland, woodland, tall herb and hedgerows.  Essentially it forms a pleasant landscape containing a mosaic of habitats typical of lowland Britain, but now increasingly rare.  Amongst the flora and fauna present are the locally rare small teasel and kingfishers.


The reserve is owned by Stratford-on-Avon District Council and managed by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.  The Trust is also supported by the local volunteer group, the Friends of River Arrow Nature Reserve.


Further information can be obtained by clicking on the links provided or contacting the Volunteer Warden, using the CONTACT page..

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